• There is More Than One Path to the Center of Financial Success!

    Centric Financial Group is an insurance and investment agency that utilizes economic-based systems designed to help clients understand and validate financial concepts and behaviors.

    Like the geometric progressions of a labyrinth, developing a sound financial future may seem like a complex process. At Centric Financial Group, we seek to understand each client's financial goals and objectives. We use an educational process that provides meaning and clarity for the client as they develop strategies for the future.

    Now more than ever, clients need and want assistance from an organization that focuses on building a high trust relationship. We know that successful individuals are so busy with their careers and family commitments that they often fail to focus on their long-term financial needs. At Centric Financial Group we are dedicated to developing an ongoing course of action to meet client objectives and follow up with regular reviews.

    We are fortunate to offer a wide variety of financial products and services to provide financial strategies for individuals, families, business owners, executives and employees.

    Uncertainties of the stock market, interest rate environment, changing tax rates and the impact of inflation, are reasons for clients to develop a long-term strategy. At Centric Financial Group we offer skilled leadership and systems that help you in your journey toward financial success.

    Our goals are to:

    1. Offer quality products and services that suit the needs and budgets for each client.
    2. Utilize economic-based systems that allow the client to see the impact of their financial decisions.
    3. Provide client-centric service.