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Team: Beverly P. Epps, RICP® & Richard M. Epps

About Team Epps

Beverly Epps* holds a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation as well as her life insurance license and FINRA Series 6 license. She handles financial strategies, retirement strategies, and investment strategies for pre-retirees and retirees. Together, Beverly and Richard bring a balanced approach to guidance when it comes to your retirement lifestyle. They work together to afford clients the benefits of joint experience.

Richard Epps* is a law graduate of Capital Law and holds a FINRA Series 7 license to guide others through retirement, investments, and disposable income. He also is a member of the Ohio Bar Association and works with clients to create an estate strategy and beneficiary arrangements with taxes in mind.

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Registered Representative

Registered Representative

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Our Focus With Clients

Prior to being in finance, both of us were working with state departments, specifically, in mental health. As a result, we learned an incredible amount about how government and public policy can influence retirement, especially when it comes to handling state pensions and how the moving parts entangled with retirement like taxes, beneficiaries, and income levels affect you. The central theme for us in our work is that it must have an impact on others. Whether it’s reviewing numbers to take the emotional anticipation out of retirement, or talking about an aging parent and what to do for care, there is so much we have been through with our clients in the last decade. It feels like our clients become family because finance is so personal.

Really, when you consider that year over year, you make more and more money. Then, with life, you add a marriage, a child – and then it’s an empty nest. These transitions occur inevitably. It is about redirecting that income and navigating the path to a life you always wanted. It is about living a lifestyle that makes you fulfilled. It’s about living in your values and purpose. Our clients have held confidence in us for over a decade because our goal is to help them achieve a sustainable retirement income. We are grateful for those who welcome us on their journey ahead.

The Process To Expect From Us

With our process, it is important we understand your current life stage and needs in the first meeting. As we move through meetings, we discuss your goals and objectives that resonate with you at a core level. After looking at the facts, an evaluation will provide an in-depth analysis of your current financial position and guide you through potential options. From there, we will discuss investment and insurance solutions that match your needs and implement a strategy that focuses on your financial well-being.

We believe your financial well-being is one of the greatest assets you can have to a successful retirement. If you are ready to consider what is possible for you, let’s discuss and see what your options are.

Retirement Strategies

For those approaching retirement, protecting the lifestyle that you have currently established may be a priority. With this in mind, we emphasize building wealth through asset accumulation and growth potential and design a path suited to your goals. When retirement does in fact arrive, we can structure a retirement income spending strategy to help you live life according to you. Within your retirement, we can create an estate preservation strategy that aims to continue your wealth for generations.

Starting The Conversation

We believe your financial well-being is one of the greatest assets you can have to a successful retirement. If you are ready to consider what is possible for you, please meet with us and let’s discuss.

You want to make your portfolio work for you and optimize its potential. There are strategies that can be implemented which aim to enhance what you are currently doing. Book an appointment, virtually or in person, to discuss what is on your mind and want to work towards.

Our Goals for You

We believe that a work/life balance is imperative to continue to thrive in life. Travel is a love we both enjoy, so when we escape Ohio you will find us at either Hilton Head, SC, or Naples, FL, or spending time with our two grown daughters. For Richard, it is likely you will find him at the baseball field!

Living in Columbus, we have always been passionate about being a part of the community and giving back to the community, whether it is through non-profits, associations, and being a part of The Rock City Church. You get what you put in and that also speaks for your retirement.

Enjoying Life

Richard's team was the 2022 Over 75 Tournament Champs - Big Macs

Showing Up in Life

Planning for Life

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