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February Financial Resources 
Love and Money: Nurturing Financial Wellness This February. 
Money issues can strain even the strongest relationships. However, with effort and clear communication, you can change the conversation dynamics around money with less tension. 

In February, take steps to help enrich your relationships by nurturing them with openness, compassion, and a willingness to learn. Even though February is the month of love, it's also a prime time to nurture financial wellness in our closest relationships-- like the one with ourselves. 
These resources will encourage you to ponder how you can make choices that help create habits to foster security, happiness, and personal growth. 

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Frugal February Challenge

Join us this Frugal February as we challenge ourselves to reset our budget, track spending, meal plan, conserve energy, use cash to avoid impulse buys, and build emergency savings - practical steps to strengthen our financial foundation and cultivate mindfulness for future stability.

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Your Investing  💓 Language

Learn how emotional bias whispers and subtly guides our responses to market dynamics - and take steps like education, clear goals, diversification, discipline, and professional advice to make rational investment choices that serve our long-term interests.

February Featured Podcast

Love & Money: How to Talk About Big Decisions Together

Think Fast, Talk Smart | The Podcast

Labor economist Myra Strober believes money and love should intertwine when making big life decisions. In the podcast, Strober and Abby Davisson share a framework for communicating career goals with loved ones from their book Money and Love. They advise anticipating how career moves will impact the whole family ecosystem. Davisson notes it's important to clarify your wants and consider the effects on those around you when making major changes.

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Longest ❤️ At Centric: 53 Years❤️

Robert Heubeck has been married for over 50 years and works at our extension office, Encore Financial.

We would like to share his valuable advice with our financial community:

Communication is key.

Talk openly and honestly with your spouse about everything - your feelings, needs, hopes, and fears. Listen without judgment. Make time every day to connect.     

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Let the little annoyances go and focus on the big picture. Choose your battles wisely. If something isn't a major issue, let it slide. 

Thank you Robert for your shared wisdom with our financial community! 


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