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What is the OneAmerica Underwriting Process Like? 

Qualifying Process

After determining your economic life value, a further conversation with an agent will address your medical history and lifestyle choices. This can be done in one appointment.  We will guide you on what to do if you are dealing with a current health concerns, call our office and speak to us at (614) 824-6100.

If you are curious about your insurability, a quick questionnaire called a "preliminary inquiry" with an insurance professional can answer that question for you.  Centric Financial Group works directly with our underwriters to have an answer for you with 24-48 hours to save you time. Through setting expectations this guarantees no one wastes time on unnecessary paperwork. 

The Underwriting Process 

The medical and financial underwriting process ensures that you are receiving proper insurance rates for your health, lifestyle excesses, and financial status. The underwriting department reviews each case individually.

Today, individuals may qualify for accelerated underwriting that only requires an interview. Based on your history, you may be required to complete a full screening with blood, urine, and physical measurements.  Some cases are outside the limits of accelerated underwriting and do require traditional underwriting.

The approval

The agent will relay the final underwriting decision to you by phone, and as soon as you pay the modal premium and complete the outsiding requirements your contract becomes active.

Review Coverage

Each year review your annual statement with your agent. In the future, make sure the coverage is adequate to protect your income and family. Our team is here, call your agent and schedule a 30 minute chat.