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Retirement Planning

The Best Is Yet to Come


  • Determining Your Retirement Lifestyle
  • Where to Start: Our Retirement Planning Process
  • Our Approach

Determining Your Retirement Lifestyle

Can you hear the ocean waves and feel the sand between your toes? Or maybe for you– you can see the sun rising with rubber hitting the roads with the smell of fresh morning dew outside on the grass. Maybe it’s time spent reading with your grandkids. Whatever it is, we want to make it a clear plan to what financial freedom looks like for you. 

Why is this important? 

You have finite amount of money to work with so you must be as efficient as possible. Inefficiencies cause major losses to occur. These losses may include: lowering current lifestyle, lowering retirement income, inadequate protection, loss of financial control, financial vulnerability, higher taxes and fees. 

The process is easy...

It’s a discovery, it’s conversational with someone hearing you, and actively listening to you. It’s a life-changing process that starts with where you are at today. It is about starting with the real purpose of why would we give up current enjoyment of our income on a deeper level is to live a life fulfilled. 

Our Retirement Planning Process

Starting the Conversation with an Intro Session

Retirement is a moving target. We like to start by talking about what is working for you and what is not. You can be completely happy with your current professional and still chat with us, too!

Tell us your timeline, your goals, your expectations, doubts, and thoughts. The financial professional will dive a little deeper into areas that seem fuzzy. The goal here is for you and your financial professional to both figure out if this working relationship has potential. As you go through life transitions and phrases, the financial professional aims to guide you through how to enhance or achieve greater financial security, and therefore, a high level of trust must be achieved.

Expect this conversation to take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to cover general and specific topics. You can share about what you are open to and potential knowledge gaps you have.

Move into the facts. Here is the THING, it’s all about your facts.

With your second session, we examine objectively all of your resources and the historical performance of your assets. We will centralize our finances so you can see the big picture. We will introduce our method from Wealth Building Cornerstones. After you submit your documents, we take it from there.

In a week’s time, your financial professional will brainstorm, design, and personalize what can actually help you get where you need to be, in order, to retire. We don’t have model plans we follow, each portfolio is artfully constructed for you.

Your Retirement Plan 

In our well-designed retirement plans, the main objective is to suit your goals and objectives, while aligning with your values, innate temperament, and desired risk tolerance. With your plan, we will guide you through our projections with white board explanations where every detail can be discussed in conversation. Here we encourage dialogue and feedback, and consider alternatives with their pros and cons. To clarify, your plans can cover/provide: 

✔ Life Insurance

✔ Long-Term Care Protection

✔ Pensions

✔ Investment Allocations

✔ Tax Strategies 

✔ Social Security Analysis

✔ IRAs & Roth

✔ Projections

✔ Qualified Plans

✔ Non-Qualified Plans

✔ Conversions

✔ Plan Distributions

You tell us what works or doesn’t work for you, then we can talk about alternatives, pros and cons, and timelines. This appointment can take up to 60 min or more. Same-day decisions do not have to be made, so there is no pressure to commit immediately. Our insurance quotes expire after 6 months.

Adjustments & Implementation

From there, the plan is yours! When you are ready to begin your financial journey, the financial professional will begin the process of creating your accounts, transferring funds and initiating the plan.

During the implementation, beneficiaries assigned and accounts will be handled over to you to access. If needed, estate preservation may be discussed.

Maintain, & Adjust according to life’s ups & downs. 

Lucky you! We are available to you for any financial-related question that arises. Anywhere from 3-6 months, we like to check in with you. It’s a great time to review statements and talk about market conditions and how to prepare in advance.

Our Approach: Wealth Building Cornerstones

Our methods and approach is taken from Wealth Building Cornerstones, also called WBC. WBC offers you a simple, easy-to-understand and powerful system that aims to help optimize your income streams, build wealth and protect it. The WBC approach begins with the purpose in mind.

Think of it like this–––  

An engineer can’t begin to design a building without first knowing what the project should look like at the end. A surgeon doesn’t go into surgery without having a clear understanding of the ideal outcome. This very same concept applies to personal finance. Suppose you asked typical person on the street why they’re saving money long term. Many would simply say, “for retirement.”

But if you followed up with, “That’s great. Can you tell me what your option for retirement income streams are?” Very few could give you a good answer. The method used is designed to create future streams of income that are potentially consistent, sustainable, and guaranteed. Oh, and what about the approach? The approach is balanced. Why is this significant?

Many assets in your portfolio with fluctuate, which you need for growth potential. Withdrawing from assets in a market downturn can create losses on your income. Through a balanced approach, we balance fluctuations with covered asset strategy or a volatility buffer strategy.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones that you did do.” – Mark Twain