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The Wealth Builder's Path

The Wealth Builder's Path

Wealth Building Cornerstones is one of many approaches we take when it comes to helping you design your retirement. 

Did you know you may be able to increase your income in retirement by 30 percent to 50 percent — without saving any more money?

Wealth Building Cornerstones, also called WBC, offers individuals and families a simple, easy-to-understand, and powerful system to help maximize their money, build wealth, and protect it.

Whether you’re working with pre-retirees or retirees, the WBC approach begins with the purpose in mind.

Think of it like this: An engineer can’t begin to design a building without first knowing what the project should look like at the end. A surgeon doesn’t go into surgery without having a clear understanding of the ideal outcome. This very same concept applies to personal finance.

Suppose you asked typical pre-retirees on the street why they’re saving money long-term. Many would simply say, “for retirement.” But if you followed up with, “That’s great. Can you tell me how retirement income streams work?” Very few could give you a good answer.

The real reason people save money, and how retirement income streams work, define how retirement savings should be allocated efficiently in the pre-retirement years.

With the WBC system, we help pre-retirees understand how retirement income streams work so they can efficiently allocate their retirement savings in pre-retirement.

The “begin-with-the purpose-in-mind” approach is imperative – yet many people haven’t had the opportunity to consider their retirement from this perspective.