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About Us

Cheryl Evans, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL® has created an ensemble of advisors and representatives with diverse experiences, each with unique stories, all converging in Ohio for a common purpose to serve the financial well-being our of clients.  And now for over 15 years, we've been weaving a tale of financial resilience, diverse experiences, and a shared vision that binds all of us together to serve clients across the entire U.S.

Where Paths Cross and Visions Unite

Our advisors and representatives didn't start in the same place, but life led them to this shared journey. Some of us carved our paths when there wasn't a clear one in sight, while others learned the discipline. What brought us together?

A shared vision of financial security and at the core a true desire to help those build their financial foundations.

Lessons in Complexity

Life's never simple, especially in the financial world. We thrive in the complexity, turning market twists and economic turns into lessons. Learning in this dynamic environment has become our forte, making us your go-to guides in the rhythm of financial planning.

Entrepreneurs and Wealth Builders Come Here

Are you an entrepreneur navigating life's unpredictability? We get it. Life rarely goes as planned, and we're here for the ride. We're your strategists, offering solutions that weather storms and seize opportunities, ensuring your dreams have a solid foundation. No one route is the right solution, right where you are is where the route begins.

Aligned with Integrity: A Beacon in Finance

In a world where trust is fragile, we proudly stand with OneAmerica FinancialSM, championing the leadership team at the helm. Our compass is pointed unwaveringly toward ethics—our shield in an industry where trust can be scarce. Doing things the right way is not just a motto; it's our promise to you.

All-in-One Solutions: No Either/Or Dilemma

At Centric, our approach distinguishes us from conventional firms. Life insurance, investments, annuities, care solutions—our approach covers all the bases. It's not about choosing one over the other; it's a tailored blend, a full circle of solutions that adapt to your unique needs.

Our commitment goes beyond simply growing your accounts; it is about protecting your financial assets and ensuring the sustainability of your livelihood for the long term. 

The integration of insurance and investments is at the core of our strategy, offering synergistic benefits that cannot be achieved independently. Through the integration of insurance and investments, we truly can say we provide a holistic approach to financial well-being.

Staying Power: A Story of Commitment

As the years ticked by, some joined some left. What kept us together? A commitment that goes beyond contracts—it's about principles, clients, and each other. Our staying power reflects our adaptability and perseverance. Centric Financial Group’s story is straightforward: a journey filled with evolution, collaboration, and resilience. We invite you to join us, where every chapter can hope to promise security, prosperity, and a legacy grounded in integrity.