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Financial Planning

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  • Start Achieving Your Goals With Guidance
  • Why is Financial Planning Important?
  • Our Value-Based Process & Our Method
  • From Savings to Wealth

Start Achieving Your Financial Goals With Guidance

Who handles your personal financial goals? How often have you been aware of the fact that your finances are not in great shape, but you just don’t seem to be able to get on top of it? It can feel like an impossible task.

What if there was a way for us all – no matter how busy or overwhelmed we might feel with life’s demands? To take back control over our financial lives and make changes through incremental steps focused on building better financial habits that will stick with us.

You can achieve your financial goals. Often, seeing the big picture is challenging because your finances are spread out, but financial planning will bring your financial picture all together in one place to help you see clearer in making decisions that can benefit you in the short- and long-term future.

Many people are involved in your financial picture, making it difficult to understand its implications long-term.

Why Is Financial Planning Important?

You have finite amount of money to work with so you must be as efficient as possible. Inefficiencies cause major losses to occur. These losses may include: lowering current lifestyle, lowering retirement income, inadequate protection, loss of financial control, financial vulnerability, higher taxes and fees.

What’s better? Having protection and tools, or strategy and technique? You can have can every book and every financial app to manage your income, and it’s likely each does something different. The key is having a sound process to combine your financial picture together for optimal efficiency.

Our Financial Planning Philosophy: Financial planning serves as a tool for those to discover what their future goals and values are. At Centric, we serve as a moderator to help you clarify your next steps and create confidence in living a life according to your personal values.

Our Value-Based Process

Starting the Conversation with an Introductory Session

We talk about what’s working for you and what’s not. You share what you are open to trying and potential knowledge gaps you have. You tell us your timeline and goals in mind. Then, you and your professional both see if it’s a mutual fit. Your first session is anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

There are no commitments here.

Identifying Your Facts

We start by putting together your full-picture financial summary where you can see all of your finances in one spot. Often, we like to review your statements to categorize your holdings properly. The professional will dive a little deeper into your goals.

We will introduce our method from Wealth Building Cornerstones, which is an evidence-based financial approach that considers the risks that can destroy wealth. We run your numbers, projections and options, and create a visual to see the potential return your assets can generate. This will be presented in the following meeting.

Again, no commitments, no charge here.

Then, an Advisor Will Design a Financial Plan Specific to Your Situation 

We will review your financial summary, or blueprint as we call it. We are happy to answer any questions and provide guidance on how this program can impact your future. This appointment can take up to 60 min or more. This is an interactive session where we can show alternatives for you to consider.

This is when we need your feedback as to the design of your plan. Again, no charges!

And when you are ready to commit, we implement the plan after all adjustments are made. 

This is where we prepare your accounts, transfer funds, and complete applications and initiate the plan. Be prepared to provide your beneficiary information. Through funding accounts and policies, you are committing to the plan and are responsible for funding products only.

We never charge for plans and meetings. The only charges are for products YOU agree to and implement.

Then Utilize, Maintain, & Adjust according to life’s ups & downs.

Yes, we are available to you to answer any financial or business-related question that you have. You can call, text, email, video. Anywhere from 3-6 months, we like to check in and make sure you are receiving the information you need.

We review statements with you and answer any questions. We finish by talking about the impact market conditions and the economy has on you plan. Adjusting or reviewing is a service we provide for FREE when products are chosen with you.

Meet Our Method: Wealth Building Cornerstones

The WBC approach begins with the purpose in mind, offering you a simple, easy-to-understand and powerful system that aims to help optimize your income streams, build wealth and protect it.

Think of it like this–––  

An engineer can’t begin to design a building without first knowing what the project should look like at the end. A surgeon doesn’t go into surgery without having a clear understanding of the ideal outcome. This very same concept applies to personal finance. Suppose you asked typical person on the street why they’re saving money long term. Many would simply say, “for retirement.”

But if you followed up with, “That’s great. Can you tell me what your option for retirement income streams are?” Very few could give you a good answer. The method used is designed to create future streams of income that are potentially consistent, sustainable, and guaranteed.

Through a balanced approach, we balance fluctuations with a covered asset strategy or a volatility buffer strategy.

 Wealth Building Cornerstones 

 Wealth Building Cornerstones 

How To: Savings to Wealth Building 

See what's possible with these tools

Small Changes = Bigger Savings

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Waiting vs. Today

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How To Grow Your Savings to Wealth

It starts with savings. You must build to create annual savings. It means foregoing spending money now for use at a future time. One must look at their habits and see the evidence that warrants adjustments needing to be made. From creating structured money flows, automatic saving habits and solid savings accumulation for the unexpected, these small steps alone can improve your ability to build wealth from where you are at today.

Wealth building is rooted in your ability to save and then allocate savings efficiently. The next question is where do I put it?

“An hour of planning can save 10 hours of doing.”

– Dale Carnegie